Andy Parker's life changed when his daughter, journalist Alison Parker, was shot and killed on live television in 2015. He channeled his grief into action and became an outspoken advocate for common-sense gun legislation, traveling around the country demanding change and speaking for victims and survivors of gun violence. But the fight for sensible gun legislation has been thwarted by Republican lawmakers in the pockets of the gun lobby - all cowards that only offer the usual "thought & prayers". When there were no gun safety laws passed after Sandy Hook, it became clear that these people consider children to be acceptable collateral damage for second amendment absolutists.

His ongoing campaign to force Google, YouTube and Facebook to remove the video of his daughter Alison's murder from their platforms has garnered support from around the world. He testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, requesting changes to Section 230 that protects social media from legal action. Social media will continue its malpractice because until Congress acts, they have complete immunity from any liability.

A new political action committee, Andy's Fight, was formed in the aftermath of Andy's aborted congressional bid. He can't be in Congress fighting for these ideas, but he can help elect candidates who will commit to passing laws that prevent guns and social media from tearing apart the very fabric of our country.